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New Partnership Announcement: AltGate & Thunder Capital Holdings

Exciting news in the investment and advisory landscape:

AltGate and Thunder Capital Holdings are partnering to combine AltGate’s extensive community of funds, family offices, and institutional investors with Thunder’s transaction advisory playbook, to revolutionize the process for companies seeking to raise capital or sell their business.

Highlights of Our Partnership:

•  Integrated Solutions: Leveraging AltGate's platform and Thunder's advisory system, we now offer end-to-end solutions for businesses in key growth and divestment phases.

•  Targeted Approach: Our focus is with seven and eight-figure brands, where we match capital needs with direct investment opportunities.

•  Enhanced Exposure: Businesses will gain unparalleled access to the AltGate community and beyond, maximizing their visibility and potential for success.

By combining the strengths of AltGate and Thunder, we're setting a new standard for supporting business transitions, from fundraising to successful exits. Stay connected for updates on how our partnership is creating more opportunities for businesses and investors alike.

Driving Success Together.

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