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The Alternative
Investment Marketplace


AltGate, a bespoke gateway to alternative investment insights, caters specifically to the needs of institutional investors. Our platform not only provides a straightforward path to a diverse array of private investment opportunities but also fosters meaningful connections within the industry. Specializing in private funds and offering both direct and co-investment opportunities, AltGate is where detailed information meets strategic networking, enabling investors to explore, engage, and excel in the alternative markets.

Private Equity
Venture Capital
Hedge Funds
Direct Deals
Real Estate
Private Debt


Our platform is specifically designed for single-family offices and institutional management firms, providing a straightforward and confidential pathway to a variety of private investment opportunities. This is achieved through our intuitive search filters, which are fine-tuned to match your investment thesis and criteria. Additionally, AltGate offers a platform for meaningful engagement and insight, connecting you with a community of professionals and experts in the field. This blend of technology and networking simplifies your investment process, allowing for well-informed and strategic decision-making.


AltGate is adeptly crafted to meet the unique needs of managers and sponsors, providing a direct and secure gateway to connect with institutional investors. Our platform streamlines the process of showcasing your investment opportunities, facilitated by intuitive tools that align your offerings with the right investors based on their investment interests. Moreover, AltGate serves as a hub for valuable interactions and insights, linking you with a network of industry professionals and potential investors. This fusion of advanced technology and community engagement empowers you to efficiently present your projects, facilitating informed and strategic partnerships for effective fund management and capital growth.

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